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Found in Town (FiT) is a universal, web-based lost-and-found service fueled by branded lost device recovery tags. FiT?s (@foundintown) lost device recovery service simplifies the process of returning a lost item to its owner, using anonymous, serialized FiT ID numbers and a simple, online instant messaging portal.

Founded and based in Chicago, the company aims to protect users from that awful, pit-of-your-stomach feeling you get when you realize you?ve lost your wallet, phone or something else valuable. To solve this problem, users just need to register at the website for a unique ID number that is connected to their contact information, place the tags on their valuables and then when a tagged item goes missing, the finder can enter the FiT ID at to anonymously and instantly contact the item?s owner and facilitate its return. The system works everywhere, not just in Chicago ? all a user needs is an Internet connection.

FiT is a web-enabled business that frankly would not exist without high-speed broadband internet. The ability of people to connect from anywhere in the country just by typing in numbers would have been unheard of even 15 years ago. Now, thanks to leaps and bounds in tech innovation, an every-day problem, such as losing your wallet, is solved.