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Appallicious (@Appallicious), the San Francisco-based brainchild of founder Yo Yoshida, is helping to bring both government and business alike into the world of mobile broadband Internet. Appallicious, utilizing its trademark Skippitt Platform, is helping expand the reach and depth of cities, towns and businesses alike with their respective constituents, consumers and clients.

In today?s world, high-speed mobile broadband is everywhere. It was only a matter of time before government services and small businesses alike followed suit. Appallicious has created a mobile commerce platform that helps its clients create mobile apps to generate new revenue streams, helping expand its client?s relationships with their own customers. Appallicious? Skippitt Platform offers customizable mapping, ticket management for events or government services, concessions and merchandising, and more ? and all built for the mobile experience. Now a company sell its own tickets, manage its own parking, and more ? all from their smartphone.

The rapid expansion of wireless Internet adoption and smartphones created a whole new industry known as apps, but many companies and government services alike are strolling to make the transition to mobile. Thanks to companies like Appalicious, now they can turn to the innovative experts to build their own custom mobile app. These apps are not only making life easier for millions of people, but they are also directly responsible for a new sector of the economy that now supports more than 500,000 jobs.