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Placecast FINAL

Online shopping has surged in recent years, however the experience of buying something in a physical store, while being able to hold it or try it on before making a purchase, is unbeatable. Through location-based mobile marketing the San Francisco-based Placecast is driving more and more people into stores every day.

Placecast?s ShopAlerts is a location-based mobile marketing platform that delivers targeted and customized alerts and offers to opted-in consumers, when they enter a geofence.

ShopAlerts mobile marketing programs have successfully increased ROI for over 250 brands, by cutting through the clutter and reaching on-the-go consumers with relevant mobile marketing, in the right place at the right time ? when they are ready to purchase. On average, over half of ShopAlerts participants visit a store as a result of receiving a ShopAlerts message, and one out of five make a purchase. Apart from a higher ROI, retailers get to engage with their customers directly, improving consumer loyalty, while increasing foot traffic in stores.