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Rally.org_TomPhoto (@rally) is an easy-to-use storytelling platform that’s designed to empower users to fundraise online and build social awareness on a large scale. So far, Rally has enabled tens of thousands of individuals and organizations to share and broadcast their passions, provide solutions to problems, leverage social networks and mobilize communities.

Rally, whose team is based in San Francisco but also has offices in New York City and Berlin, Germany, lets users and organization fundraise in three steps: First, you create a page on the site that includes a photo or video of your story and goal. Second, you use Rally?s social media features to share your profile and gain attention, as well as raise money toward your goal. A personal Rally site includes a secure payment-processing system that collects donations by credit card, debit card and eCheck. Lastly, you?re able to stay in touch with your supporters and donors through an online-fundraising dashboard that lets you track your donations, invite more supporters and manage your account all from one location.

Rally is a fantastic, high-speed Internet-powered crowd-funding tool. Rally makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online with no tipping points or hassle, bringing everyone who is connected online to participate in our most important causes.