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Tom Martwinski


Tom Martwinski is the COO of InScope

Based in Reston, Virginia, InScope International is a technology innovation firm that creates engineering, IT, and training solutions to address global challenges in energy, healthcare, financial services, and defense.

Consulting both government and commercial customers, InScope is helping its clients engage global issues in 21st-century ways. In the Internet age, we know that data is at the core of every business transaction. But companies rarely have the time to sort, analyze and effectively use the vast amount of useful data available to them. InScope?s broadband-dependent data integration services give their clients control over their businesses with tools that go beyond reporting information, and actually enable analysts and managers to look for answers to specific business problems within the data at a demanding pace.

Chronic conditions are on the rise, increasing at an exponential rate. At the same time, the cost to manage chronic conditions is crippling to the nation?s economy. For example, 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime, and 28.6 million medical visits annual have diabetes as the primary diagnosis.

In order to address this national challenge, InScope has created a Health Performance Management solution to improve care, increase patient well-being, and lower costs to manage chronic disease. Patients install medical devices in their homes and measure their health data daily. InScope has created a HIPAA-compliant, broadband-dependent data transfer of the patient health data to a database, where the information and trending is displayed on a user-friendly dashboard for patients, families, and nurses to track and monitor. By linking providers, processes, and broadband technologies, our patient-centered solutions enhance care, change behaviors, and lower costs.

In addition to big data, the need for the monitoring and optimization of energy usage is also growing rapidly as global energy consumption increases. InScope provides ways to reduce energy usage of all types of facilities with an innovative monitoring tool called Enfuse. Enfuse is a total building performance platform that integrates all building energy resources- electricity, gas, water, and air ? into one single, common operating picture. The solution uses broadband to intelligently map, monitor, manage, and optimize all energy usage within a facility or portfolio of buildings. This monitoring and management tool can reduce energy use that can lead to savings of up to 40 percent.

As one of a host of defense solutions, InScope created a Risk Optimization engine, a ?smart? technology with a deep foundation of knowledge that makes informed decisions in a fraction of the time a human takes to make such an assessment, using broadband as a cornerstone of the engine. In the defense sector, the engine functions as a decision aid used mainly by the watch officer and his/her staff to fuse resource, status, capabilities, and other information for deterministic, near real-time, or time-sensitive planning, composition, and execution of Force Packages (networks, sensors, weapons, warriors, Command and Control (C2) systems, and platforms)