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Suzanne Robitaille

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Suzanne Robitaille (@suzrobitaille and @Abledbody) is the founder of, a Darien, Conn. based consumer website for assistive tech and disability innovations. helps inform people with disabilities, or people who are engaged with the disabled community, by providing news and information on different innovations and technologies to address the issues many of them face in society. The page has over 7,000 viewers a month and is a trusted resource in the disability community.

Suzanne is also the founder and principal of abledbody and co., a disability-market communications and public relations agency that helps clients connect with people with disabilities. Abledbody and co. assists their clients in reaching people with disabilities through employment and marketplace opportunities. The firm is certified as a Disability Owned Business Enterprise by the U.S. Business Leadership Network, and is managed and run by people who are disabled or have a person with a disability in their life. This way, they?re able to use their experiences to help businesses direct their message to a target audience.

Suzanne is also the author of The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technologies & Devices, which helps people with disabilities and their employers learn which types of technologies can be beneficial to them in the workplace and beyond.

Suzanne?s website is a hub for people with all types of disabilities to learn about the newest developments and technologies being created with their needs in mind. Abledbody and co. offers businesses new ideas and approaches for connecting with the disabled community as both employees and consumers, and the book is a great way to find the technologies people with disabilities need to be successful in their daily lives.

These three resources create many options for people with disabilities that had previously been unavailable, and are helping to drive real social impact for the disability community.