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Stephanie Bravo & Ash Jafari

Stedent Mentor

Four out of five low-income college students fail to attain a bachelor?s degree by their mid-20s. and its co-founders Stephanie Bravo (@stephanierbravo) and Ash Jafari (@ashjafari) are working to change that. (@studentmentor) takes the age-old mentor-mentee relationship online, which enables college students and qualified mentors to exchange advice, questions and more even when they?re across the country from each other. The site offers to college students mentors of all ages who have valuable experience in industries of all kinds. Students from over 1,000 colleges are currently enrolled as mentees. More than 66% of the students are low-income, 60% are minorities and nearly half are first-generation college students.

Because of the site and their accomplishments, Stephanie and Ash were recently invited to the White House to meet the President and talk to White House officials about role in improving college completion and preparing students for the workforce of tomorrow.

Both mentors and mentees enrolled on benefit from today?s high-speed broadband internet. Mentees gain insight and guidance from people willing to help them through their college experiences, and mentors are able to offer themselves as a support system to those who most need it.