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RXA Technology is a mobile app and web app development firm based in Sioux City, Iowa. RXA serves businesses that have an idea, business plan and capital, but are unable to find the right architects to bring their idea to reality. They have built tools for startup companies including Athlete Playbook and BoomLife, but their entrepreneurship doesn’t stop there – RXA also builds and manages online sites and apps including Push Loyalty, BaseHuddle,Pushlee, and Coinify.

Push Loyalty connects consumers with their favorite brands by keeping them updated on the latest deals and new products. BaseHuddle allows employees to anonymously rate organizers of meetings at their company ? ensuring everyone?s time is being used efficiently. Pushlee enables consumers to receive exclusive deals just by entering the gas station convenience store while giving the owners an advertising re-targeting tool by using GIS technologies. Coinify is a new advertising platform and a complementary tool for old media. With Coinify, users get paid to receive push notifications and brands can push their message to interested users, anytime and anywhere.

RXA Technology is taking full advantage of ?broadband everywhere.? Their products improve the efficiency of everyday tasks, making the consumer’s life easier. Without high-speed broadband connections, their ideas would not have the infrastructural support to become reality.