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Vicci allows users access to exclusive event merchandise that they can purchase without leaving their seat and have delivered right to their door. Buying merchandise at your favorite events can be a frustrating ordeal. Dealing with a long line that makes you miss your favorite song at a concert or a big play by your favorite sports team can ruin the experience! Just as irritating can be getting your merchandise home, especially if you have traveled a long distance to attend the event.

Aside from long lines, merchandise booths have also been plagued by payment limitations and dwindling inventory. With Vicci, artists and venues no longer need to worry about running out of popular sizes or items. Our print-on-demand services allow apparel to be ordered, printed and shipped within 24 hours. Accepting credit cards is possible through the app at every event, regardless of location or size of audience.

Our aggregated data allows event hosts to more accurately predict needed inventory, project sales and analyze important demographic information from each event. Putting a name and face behind each purchase allows all event hosts to enhance the experience for each attendee, provide better service and get valuable feedback.

Optimizing consumer experience can be a daunting task for Venues, Artists and Sports Teams alike. Powered by broadband, Vicci is focusing on eliminating inconveniences that detract from the optimal event experience while generating valuable data that contributes to an ever-improving event atmosphere.