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An online and mobile application, Rock Your Block is a safe and user-friendly tool helping teens find neighborhood jobs, internships, and part-time work. Using Rock Your Block, teens are able to easily access work, gain experience, and build up their resumes, all while strengthening their work ethic.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rock Your Block was founded by Sarah Young after she recognized the lack of online job seeking services targeted at youth – one of the most tech savvy generations. After pitching the idea during Startup Weekend Twin Cities in 2010, Rock Your Block became a reality. The platform enables employers to promote unfilled tasks and positions to talent ranging from 13 to 24 years of age. Youthful job seekers are able to safely and easily browse through job openings ranging from internships and volunteer opportunities. The site also allows neighbors to pay teens directly using Rock Your Block?s peer-to-peer online payment system.

Rock Your Block would not exist without the continued expansion of high-speed broadband Internet. Thanks to the increased development of broadband networks, Rock Your Block is able to help youth across the country find jobs, while simultaneously helping them grow and develop a lifelong work ethic.