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Hopscotch FINAL

Hopscotch (@hopscotch) was founded by Samantha John and Jocelyn Leavitt and released in beta version in early 2013 to help teach kids ages 8-12 the basics of programming language. As the world is becoming more technologically advanced each day, Leavitt and John saw a need to teach the basics at a young age so that at later stages in life, the concepts would be easier to grasp. By creating an iPad app that allows kids to code their own games and apps, Hopscotch has eliminated the need to understand the complicated syntax rules of programming languages.

Hopscotch has been likened to Legos for software ? part tool, part toy, part learning experience. By making this basic coding more of a game, it lets kids learn the fundamentals of computer science while enjoying themselves and developing essential problem-solving skills.

While Hopscotch was created with both boys and girls in mind, Leavitt and John are particularly excited about bringing more females into the world of programming. It is no secret that there is a dearth of women working in computer programming–the founders of Hopscotch hope to change that by engaging all kids at a young age.

As broadband Internet speeds have increased around the U.S. more people are going online to connect with each other, get information and solve problems. As connection speeds get even faster more and more people will need to know how to write code for software and hardware. It is only fitting that broadband Internet has enabled the Hopscotch app to train future generations to be more integrated in the World Wide Web.