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Robb Monkman

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Co-founder Robb Monkman was inspired to create the mobile safety app React Mobile after being held at gunpoint during a home invasion while in college. This scary situation spurred him to use high-speed broadband Internet to create a tool that could be used to silently and discreetly alert a wide network, including the authorities, of an emergency and its location. The final product, the React Mobile safety app for smartphones, was launched in March 2013.

React Mobile turns a user?s smartphone into a powerful lifeline. In instances when personal safety is a concern, the app?s ?Follow Me? feature lets user-selected contacts track the user?s location in real-time. React Mobile makes running or walking alone at night much safer, makes it easier to keep track of kids and simply lets a user?s loved ones know that the user is safe in any situation. If a user does encounter an emergency, the ?SOS shield? button on the app sends out a panic alert containing the user?s GPS location to select emergency contacts via text message and email (the alert can also be posted to the user?s Facebook and Twitter accounts). Once the SOS alert is activated, the user is also automatically prompted to dial 911.

The advent of mobile phones changed the ways in which people can contact each other and share safety information. Fast, reliable, high-speed broadband Internet changed it all over again ? the lightning-fast technology makes it easy to connect in times of emergency. The React Mobile team took this capability and made it even simpler by allowing users to have one designated app for personal safety that can alert authorities and loved ones. The peace of mind that this technology brings is priceless.