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Spark Ventures - Rich Johnson

Rich Johnson and two friends founded Spark Ventures (@SparkVentures) after volunteering in Zambia in 2006. The Chicago-based nonprofit lets investors and partners give money, attend events or travel globally to support sustainable solutions that lift children out of poverty.

The founders? trip to Africa raised many questions, but the most important seemed to be, ?What can we do to make a difference, especially from Chicago?? Spark then adopted a unique strategy to strengthen and sustain grassroots organizations by providing human resources, strategic guidance and financial capital. Together, Spark and its partners launch businesses, whose profits ensure meaningful impact for children and their communities for generations to come.

People have been able to donate to nonprofits to help the cause of their choice for decades. But Spark took their first-hand experience and opened up the opportunity for people around the globe to invest smartly with just the click of their mouse. Charitable giving and volunteering are just two examples of areas where high-speed broadband and 21st century technology have completely changed the game.