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Famigo is a start-up company located in Austin, Texas that is working to make mobile technology family-friendly. They create tools that make it easy for parents to find and manage content for their smartphones and tablets. Famigo.com makes it easy to search for apps based on a bunch of different criteria, like the age of the child and whether someone is searching for a game, educational app or book.

Parents don?t have the time, and have not had the tools, necessary to wade through the daily listing of new apps for Apple or Android products. Children are utilizing wireless devices at younger ages and we want to help make the time they spend not just safe, but productive by presenting apps that parents might like for their children in an easy-to-locate system.

The app economy would not be possible without broadband. In fact, prior to the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 the app economy wouldn?t exist. Famigo is an example of apps being created to find and manage other apps.