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Co-founders Nathan Derrick and Philip Brown created SupplyHog (@SupplyHog) to help streamline and bring transparency to the construction and material-ordering business. Based in Chattanooga, TN, the SupplyHog team takes pride in using tech as a tool to help those in the construction business shed the time-consuming busywork and red-tape that often accompanies the purchasing process.

Using the site?s easy navigation, a customer can search for all kinds of building materials such as roofing, gutters, shutters, siding and anything else a contractor might need, and then just needs to input the ZIP code where the shipment will be sent to determine a final price. SupplyHog also allows users to submit their entire supply list for their project. The company will then get back with a price quote and suggestions for everything on the list.

SupplyHog has transformed a market that used to be dominated by calling around to find the right supplies, negotiating the best price, then faxing invoices and writing checks to pay for the products. SupplyHog simplifies the time-consuming process of ordering materials to provide it?s customers more freedom to do what they love. SupplyHog, along with the interconnection broadband Internet creates, equips builders with the tools they need to continue building America.