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Town hall meetings are great, as they give local governments an idea of how people feel about the issues that directly affect their lives and their communities. The problem is they?re antiquated. Most of the time, these meetings are not widely attended and town halls can be a big time commitment for both government staff and citizens. Omaha, NE based MindMixer (@Mind_Mixer) is modernizing the traditional town hall meeting by integrating modern technology through the platform of the Internet.

Once a community has set up a MindMixer site, participants sign up to participate through social media or their email address. Then MindMixer facilitates interaction, creating a virtual forum where people can share ideas, take polls and the organizing community can share updates about various proposals. The MindMixer tool creates a modern meeting place for discussions about local policy and keeps people engaged through regular updates and a reward system for participating.

MindMixer has shown that in today?s busy world more people will engage in their local communities if an online option is available. The platform is already being used by more than 500 communities and more than 900,000 people. All of the participants are able to engage in their local communities because of high-speed Internet connections. Broadband has become a cornerstone of our lives?shopping, watching movies and now engaging in the local community have all been made more accessible through broadband Internet.