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Neal Sales-Griffin

Neal Sales-Griffin

Neal Sales-Griffin, Co-founder/Mike McGee, Co-founder

The Starter League is an in-person school in Chicago that teaches beginners how to code and design web apps in three months. Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Neal Sales-Griffin and Mike McGee, The Starter League has made building digital startups and new careers more accessible than ever.? Starter League classes are intensive and focus on teaching Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, User Experience, and Visual Design. Over 600 students have attended The Starter League in less than 2 years, from over 30 states and 15 countries around the world.

By offering hands-on courses in web design and web development, The Starter League enables more people to take full advantage of what the Internet ecosystem has to offer. ?With experienced tech practitioners readily available to share their expertise with others, more and more people throughout Chicago can bring their creative ideas to greater audiences.

The Starter League would not exist without reliable, high-speed and inexpensive access to broadband networks. ?With the advent of the widespread access of the Internet, careers have been started, companies have been built, and new products have been launched all thanks to the important services that The Starter League offers.