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The RecruitLook (@recruitlook) website was founded in 2008 with the mission of helping high school athletes achieve their dream of playing college sports.

The site allows coaches and athletes to connect from coast-to-coast through an interactive social-networking platform. The site is an outlet for student-athletes seeking assistance with the sometimes arduous college recruiting process. RecruitLook offers help in 19 different NCAA certified sports. RecruitLook?s dedicated staff has years of experience in and around the recruiting game, which they put to use creating proven marketing strategies and sharing their knowledge on how to handle every aspect of the college recruiting process. To date, RecruitLook student-athletes have earned over $6,000,000 in scholarship money, and have helped athletes get scholarships at every college division level.

Broadband Internet has changed how the college recruiting process happens all across the country. Athletes are now making connections with college coaches in real-time, and the college coaches are now able to recruit more efficiently by accessing data and videos over Broadband Internet. RecruitLook has used broadband as a tool to connect students to the best college for their skill level and sport. RecruitLook offers different membership levels, ranging from free to $1,099 for the MVP package. RecruitLook is also developing new technologies and recruiting features to enhance the overall experience for athletes, coaches, and fans. All of this is being made possible by the power of broadband and high-speed Internet. The future looks bright for the RecruitLook team.