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Bankmybiz.com (@BankmyBiz) is an online Matching and Q&A platform based in Madison, WI, that focuses on matching business lenders and business owners. Lenders can be all types of people who work for banks or organizations that help finance a business. Owners are users of the platform who either own businesses or “own” getting financing for a business. The company?s goal is to make the loan experience more personal and keep both sides invested in the process.

In their way of making connections, Bankmybiz.com aims to be the business owner?s and lender?s version of the networking tool LinkedIn ? the site offers users customized profiles and a news stream that can be tailored toward a company?s specific interests and industry. Users can ask questions, post updates, news articles and anything else relevant to their financing or lending, and through theses posts connect with others who are talking about the same things.

The business of financing used to be conducted by cold calls and transaction-based lending. Bankmybiz.com, driven by high-speed broadband Internet, has created an innovative niche social network focused solely on the industry of gaining financing or lending. Users can now connect specifically to partners who can help them achieve their business goals, all thanks to high-speed networks.