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Maureen Schultz

Maureen Schultz

California Parents for Public Virtual Education is a non-profit organization comprised of a parent volunteers dedicated to bringing quality educational tools and programs to children in the state.

For some students, the traditional one size fits all education approach doesn?t work for them. Whether it is due to living in a rural area, living with medical issues, or other challenges, some students require alternative learning. Enter broadband.

Online educational programs, in California and across the country, offer innovative learning coupled with instructional, hands-on material. Faced with constraints inhibiting the effectiveness of traditional schooling, online educational programs offer families and students the educational opportunity and choice they deserve. California Parents for Public Virtual Education seeks to protect access to quality, virtual public education.

Online educational programs have created opportunity and choice for students in California facing constraints in traditional educational programs. In past decades, such students were limited by the choice of local options. Now, they can go online because of greater access to virtual networks.