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Kristy Campbell


  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Company: Manta
  • Twitter: @Manta

The Columbus, OH based Manta is an online community that helps small businesses profit, connect and grow. Manta is specifically designed to support small businesses by increasing their online presence, encouraging connection between businesses and promoting small businesses to consumers. Manta has over 22 million unique global users each month, and is currently made up of over 87 million profiles.

When a company joins Manta, they?ll see that they can create their own community by following social media posts from other business like theirs. Small businesses currently on Manta range from accounting and bookkeeping services, to building and construction companies, to child care services and many more.

The scale of Manta?s network would not be possible without the broad reach of broadband technology, which allows businesses to share information and media with other companies and consumers. Today we use the Internet to access listings and reviews of all types of services. The Internet and broadband connections have allowed small businesses to use platforms like Manta and online advertising to more effectively raise awareness of their products than advertising in the real world.