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Sunverge Energy FINAL

Sunverge Energy optimizes the value of renewable energy for the average consumer. They provide solar energy equipment and will maintain it for a low monthly fee.

Based in San Francisco, Sunverge uses their technological and financial knowledge to bring the reality of solar energy to utilities, commercial businesses, developers and micro-grid operators, and residential homeowners. The cost of the initial hardware is offset with the savings gained from being off the regular power grid. In addition, reserve energy from every customer under management is aggregate and pooled in the cloud. From this ?virtualized? pool, utilities and third-parties can reserve energy in advance, and can also request energy in real-time. Sunverge keeps tabs on fluctuating energy costs and use, and will allocate energy to a customer in the cheapest, most efficient way.

The cloud technology that Sunverge makes use of, powered by broadband, allows for constant connection between users and Sunverge. This enables supply to always meet demand, while also remaining efficient and eliminating waste.