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Jovan Haye and Juan Alvarado


PostShareSell is the next evolution in online commerce for individuals and businesses. The website and mobile app are positioned squarely between e-commerce and social media. The site allows users to post goods and services and then share those posts through all forms of social media. PostShareSell allows sellers to engage with their social networks and also offers a landing page for anywhere else they would like to advertise and promote their product.

E-commerce is evolving faster than many people know. For example, Craigslist is a very user-friendly way for people to purchase goods and services online. The Facebook marketplace is similarly connected to the social network and classified sites tend to be local. PostShareSell looks to be the most versatile commerce site on the web. By integrating a classified style with social media posting and the ability to advertise, PostShareSell is leveraging the interconnectedness of the Internet.

Websites and apps have only become more efficient and creative over time. Without the power of broadband and ever increasing speeds, this creativity would be limited. As speeds increase, programs have a greater capacity for serving consumers. Today we have the most efficient and creative sites and apps than ever before. PostShareSell has taken full advantage of benefits of broadband and has helped evolve online commerce to the next level of functionality.