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Sculpt FINAL

Josh Krakauer (@JHKrak) is a social media junkie who has channeled his addiction into Sculpt (@WeareSculpt), a marketing agency based in Iowa City that offers comprehensive social management for businesses.

Sculpt provides their clients with full-service social network management. They provide training for employees, create policy and offer strategic consulting. Sculpt will also assist with social media legwork, like offering daily post planning and conversation monitoring on Facebook and Twitter. This allows their clients to focus on running their business rather than deciding which hashtag to use. Sculpt offers shorter term help, as well. Their ?digital campaigns? can be used to solve a sales problem, or to increase awareness for a specific initiative.

Sculpt offers a service that did not exist before high-speed Internet and broadband. The ubiquity of social media sites has mandated that a successful business have some presence on the web: Sculpt lets businesses create that presence, maintain it and hopefully increase it.?