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Josh Chan and Tarun Pondicherry

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Stanford, California-based LightUp (@lightup) is a company that sells educational kits specially designed for educating children on how electronics work.

LightUp started as two individual projects at Stanford University. Founders Joshua Chan (@joshchan) and Tarun Pondicherry (@tarunpondicherr) realized they had similar goals and teamed up to found LightUp. Josh and Tarun started LightUp because they see electric devices such as phones, laptop, and tablets, being used by people who have no idea how they work. LightUp?s mission is to educate children in the basics of electronics so that they have an understanding of the devices they are using and to maybe spark an interest for a child who otherwise would not learn about circuits, currents, and conductivity.

Most people just expect electronics to work and can easily forget what goes into their operation. The Internet has integrated electronic devices into almost every aspect of our lives and the next generation will only see this trend continue. Giving future generations an understanding of how these devices work will only help them advance innovation even further.