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Jordan Raynor

Jordan Raynor

Citizinvestor (@Citizinvestor) is a crowd-funding and civic engagement platform for local government projects. They empower citizens to invest in their community by providing a platform to fund public projects.

The Citizinvestor approach, led by co-founders Jordan Raynor and Tony DeSisto, solves a specific problem: There are an unlimited number of local government projects that are not completed due to lack of funding. These are projects, like building parks, maintaining pools and improving roads, that citizens want to invest in and governments want to take on but can?t, due to a lack of available funds. Citizens are also able to propose new projects that have not yet been recognized by the municipality.

Local governments submit projects to Citizinvestor. Citizens then find the projects they care about most and donate tax deductibly. Once a project is 100% pledged the project is built. Investors don?t pay anything unless the project is funded in full. This ensures that there is minimal risk for both the local government and the citizens who invest in the project.

Neighborhoods have long been taking municipal projects into their own hands, whether by organizing bake sales or asking for donations door-to-door. Through broadband Internet, Citizinvestor brings this approach into the 21st century by opening up city-approved projects to anyone interested in participating.