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Social media, electronic marketing and website development are a beast each on their own. Because of broadband more people than ever are able to access the Internet at blazing speeds, offering companies markets that span the world over. However, many companies do not have the time, resources or training to efficiently manage their online presence. This is where Catchfire Media comes in.

Catchfire Media has two distinctive product silos. They will manage a company?s online presence and advertising strategy through social advertising, search engine marketing, digital campaigns, strategy blueprints, real-time monitoring and analytics. They will also work with companies to design websites, mobile sites and apps. Catchfire Media is a one-stop-shop for these services that can help businesses improve their reach and bottom line.

Broadband Internet has brought the world closer together. Where companies used to pay thousands for TV ads that would only reach U.S. customers; today companies can spend fractions of that amount to advertise on the Internet and reach people around the world. Catchfire Media is making it easier for companies to manage their online presence and drive commerce around the world.