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John Schnipkoweit FINAL (@nextstep_io), based in Cedar Rapids, IA, is an API that lets users visualize their physical activity and social networks as one. With more than 200 wearable tracking devices on the market and hundreds of activity-specific mobile apps, people who try to support any more than a few can find the endeavor quite time consuming, frustrating and costly. allows companies to integrate more devices and apps, without spending time supporting them individually.

The program takes data from social networks like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Nike+, FitBit, Jawbone and FourSquare and lets users identify and track the small things that affect physical activity. Other apps and companies can use the entire data set to better understand their users’ activity. These partner tech businesses don?t have to worry about storing or displaying the billions of data points, because does it for them.

Without wireless technology, wearable tracking devices wouldn?t be as popular and programs like the one provided by would not be as necessary. Now that people and companies can get real-time knowledge of where, when and what a person is doing, these APIs that assist in storing and monitoring data have become invaluable.