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FarmLogs FINAL

FarmLogs (@FarmLogs) is a technology company that specializes in software programs for farmers. These programs enable farmers to maintain, aggregate, and analyze data about their crops, land, equipment and more ? all in an effort to increase efficiency and productivity.

Historically, farms have been family-run, small businesses. These mom-and-pop-type farms frequently rely on traditional paper bookkeeping and data storage. However, an increase in farming technology has allowed more crops to be planted and harvested, and also for more records to be kept. FarmLogs provides software to manage all the different parts of the farm, such as inventory and sales, weather forecasts, market prices, and even risk assessment. The creators of FarmLogs are both farmers and software developers, so they have first-hand knowledge of what programs a farmer would need to efficiently maintain his or her data.

Agriculture technology is constantly evolving. From irrigation to the plow to combine harvesters, farmers are always looking for innovative ideas to most efficiently manage their harvests. FarmLogs? software technology, which uses state-of-the-art broadband technology to give farmers comprehensive information at their fingertips, is another step in this long history of innovation.