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The San Francisco, California startup (@dijitdotcom) is transforming the way people discover and experience TV shows and movies. Dijit?s newest product, NextGuide, creates a hyper-personalized TV guide for users to find and watch live and streaming television.

While the majority of people spend many hours enjoyably watching TV, the opposite can be said of the process for finding the shows that they want to watch. Finding the right TV show is made seamless with NextGuide?s rich searching capability, alerts and one-click watching. NextGuide combines listings from any live TV service with movies and TV shows that can be found and played on Hulu Plus, Netflix and iTunes. It will then take into account shows the user has previously watched to make recommendations for the future.

Finding a TV show has come a long way since the days of TV Guides and the scrolling channel list. Utilizing broadband, services like NextGuide are saving people time and allowing them to sit back, relax and enjoy what?s on TV.