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Though most restaurants have webpages, Facebook accounts and a general online presences, there is not a very organized system for finding all the restaurants that offer delivery and takeout. Enter Culver City, CA-based Forked. Forked?s mission is to build an easy to use online database of takeout and delivery restaurants. With Forked, consumers can spend less time searching, and leave more time for the activities they love.

Forked?s system allows people to search for local restaurants or ones serving a certain type of food. Unlike with some other sites, Forked keeps their database up to date, ensuring the restaurant will be in business. Users are then able to order their food online and pay for it through their Forked account. Forked eliminates the need to hunt on Google Maps or riffle through paper menus to find a place everyone likes.

Broadband Internet is giving consumers more choice in almost every aspect of their life. However, sometimes it can be difficult to filter through all the options to find what people really want. Forked has taken advantage of high-speed networks by bringing this organization to getting takeout and delivery more readily available for restaurant customers.