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Chicago, Illinois-based Battery Club (@Battery_Club) solves a problem that everyone with a smartphone or mobile device has faced: running out of battery power. Battery Club keeps users from getting in a bind by providing the largest network of on-demand portable charging. After a simple registration process, customers have access to dozens of Battery Club locations at bars, restaurants, festivals, and other venues.

Battery Club?s app pinpoints users? current locations, providing a list of the nearest portable charging sites. The customer simply confirms availability and requests that their server provide a Battery Club charger. For a small fee the device will be charged without use of cords or outlets, all without leaving the owner?s sight!

Thanks to the continued expansion of high-speed broadband networks and the enabling of precise GPS mapping abilities, Battery Club offers convenient services and problem solving options for all users of mobile devices. Customers are saved from experiencing the consequences of running out of battery power; never missing important calls, forgetting appointments, or getting lost without access to their maps and GPS. Powered by broadband, this on-demand portable charging network allows our fast-paced society to seamlessly remain on the go.