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Jason Cole

Jason Cole

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Company: row27
  • Twitter: @row27

Sports are no longer just points, games, and athletes. They are businesses. row27 works with sports teams to help them create, design, and implement marketing plans that help generate revenue to improve their business. row27 works in three major areas: video production, web development, and their FanMaker app suite.

Sports teams ? from minor league baseball to the NFL? need to sell seats and branded merchandise to help even out the fiscal year beyond just the season. Videos and websites are the bread and butter of most these programs.?row27 adds a unique piece to the sports marketing puzzle by designing loyalty rewards, auctions, and other interactive activities to keep fans involved deep into the off-season.

Sports fan loyalty is a time honored tradition that has helped teams prosper for decades. Today, fan loyalty is increasingly expressed on the Internet. In this way, broadband is bringing the fan and the team together, online.