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Roadtrippers (@Roadtrippers) is every travelers dream. In a format as simple as Google Maps, users can explore nine categories of places and activities including history, shopping, sports, accommodation, entertainment and scenic drives. The categories are broken down into subcategories so users can customize their trip experiences with the activities they enjoy most.

Roadtrippers customizes mapping programs for a specific purpose. Whereas Bing and Google Maps can search all different attractions, companies, restaurants and accommodations, Roadtrippers scales their program to only deliver the best road trip activities from across the country. Places are rated by users to ensure visitors do not waste time on spots they will not enjoy.

Roadtrippers is ideal for use at home and on the go. Users can plan trips before they hit the road and then update their itinerary and find new and exciting places while on their trip. Before high-speed broadband Roadtrippers was not possible. Home connections were not fast enough to support large online mapping programs and wireless networks did not have the bandwidth to support websites. Advancements in these two areas has allowed Roadtrippers to become a go to program for day trips or cross country adventures.