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Gunnar Counselman

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Broadband Internet has ushered in a new era of secondary education opportunities across the globe. Online courses have given people the ability to maintain their careers while simultaneously developing their academic skills. Through its multifaceted platform, Fidelis uses broadband internet to help students and employees get the most value from their education and training.

Fidelis, based in Palo Alto, CA, has been featured on TED Talks, and has been praised by President Barack Obama and the Washington Post alike. The core components to Fidelis? cloud-based software platform center on students, employers and educators, respectively.

The student platform allows users to manage personal and professional goals, and connects each student with a coach and group of mentors who provide support throughout the entire process. Social profiles are used to connect students with other members of the community, and also enable employers to focus talent searches for specific traits and skills to fulfill a job requirement. Finally, educators and trainers are provided with customizable tools to build individually tailored learning apps and foster learning relationship management.

Co-founded by Iraq War veteran Gunnar Counselman, Fidelis is imbued with a desire to help veterans and other historically underrepresented groups further their education and develop post-military careers. With access to broadband networks across the country, veterans are able to achieve their personal and professional goals while simultaneously serving the nation.