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KeyMe (@KeyMeInc) is simple to explain: It?s an on-demand key service for when you?re locked out of your house or need to make key copies. KeyMe uses a picture of the key, taken on your smartphone and stored in the cloud, to create a new one. Users can have keys delivered in under 60 minutes, order keys in the mail, or have a locksmith create a new key from instructions displayed on the app.

Though KeyMe now exists as an app for smartphones, they began with kiosks in 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Manhattan, where the company is based. The kiosks are self-serve, where a user scans in their key and then gets a duplicate made instantly. Users can also quickly and securely share keys with friends.

KeyMe has harnessed the power of cloud technology, powered by high-speed internet, to give people caught without their keys another choice besides calling an expensive locksmith. Before the Internet, losing your keys or getting locked out was a massive headache, involving paying a hefty fee, trying to break into your own house, or waiting around for someone to let you in. Now, thanks to KeyMe?s ingenious approach, copies of all your keys can be stored in the cloud and accessed whenever you need them.