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Grant Kimberley

Grant Kimberly

Grant Kimberley is a sixth-generation corn and soybean farmer based just outside of Maxwell, Iowa.? In addition to farming, Grant serves as the Director of Market Development for the Iowa Soybean Association, an organization dedicated to promoting policies that support the success of soybean farmers in Iowa.

Farming has transformed from its small town beginnings into a fiercely competitive global business. In order for modern farmers to succeed in this environment, they need intelligent laws and regulations that foster growth in the sector. The Iowa Soybean Association helps ensure this by aggressively advocating for policies ? ranging from smarter crop insurance programs to improvements in conservation technology ? that enable Iowa farmers to best compete in today?s marketplace, and produce the highest quality soybeans for their customers.

Farming has seen many advances throughout the years, including an inundation of change brought about by developments in broadband Internet. Today, successful famers rely on sophisticated online services to sell their products directly to consumers, exchange data with other farmers, guide farm equipment with GPS technology, and much more.? Farming isn?t without its challenges with many things outside the realm of control, such as weather and global markets, but farming is now more efficient, more productive, and more profitable than ever.