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The Baltimore, Maryland-based Center for Community Technology Services (CCTS) serves as a one stop shop for project management, consulting and web-based communications for nonprofits? technology needs. If an organization is looking to build a new website, CCTS will work with the nonprofit to create a website design that appeals to those interested in the organization and organize and present content to effectively advance the organization?s goals. When it comes to selecting and managing information systems or developing technology strategies, CCTS will interface with the nonprofit to build plans and policies that will integrate new technology seamlessly into the organization?s structure and at the same time improve processes and efficiency.

Nonprofits provide many essential services to those in need. With better technology and broadband Internet systems, nonprofits are able to reach more people through the Internet and help make lives better for those in need. One of the most recent CCTS projects was partnering with an organization that refurbished computer hardware for individuals who could not afford it on their and distributing those computers and training to the families public school students. Technology has become a vital part of any business and non-profits can benefit greatly from the services provided by CCTS.