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Fred Lebed & Tim Hines

CurbNinja Founders

Broadband Internet and wireless networks have led to a proliferation of mobile apps that provide users with fun and helpful ways to navigate the world around them. CurbNinja, based in Chicago, IL, is the first and only mobile app of its kind to help motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts find the best and safest places to park their bikes in any city.

Wireless networks give mobile phone users access to unprecedented amounts information and provide unparalleled convenience to connect with each other. CurbNinja capitalizes on this ability by combining a city-specific search option that displays available and rider-vetted parking spots with an interactive map that enables riders to tag and share parking options across the CurbNinja network. The fast, free and user-friendly app ensures that parking spots are easy to find by including photos of exact spots, which allows riders to know where they will park beforehand or even in a pinch.

Broadband Internet and wireless networks facilitate interactive information and social connections that have become an integral part of everyday digital life. Fast and available wireless connections give mobile users access to a countless number of apps that can help alleviate everyday frustrations. CurbNinja takes advantage of the opportunities broadband presents to make parking easier and safer for motorbike riders.