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Faces of Innovation Entrepreneurs Take to Capitol Hill

November 15, 2013

Though elected officials may know how to craft legislation, it is unlikely that many have worked in the high-tech industry. ?This reality is why Faces of Innovation invited three very accomplished entrepreneurs to speak on a Capitol Hill panel this week and educate Washington on the importance of broadband for high-tech innovation.? The wide-ranging discussion covered several topics, including fiber optics, telemedicine, telecommuting and the future of technology. The top takeaways include:

  • Former Senator John Sununu, Broadband for America Co-Chair ? Senator Sununu described the virtuous cycle of broadband investment. He explained how increasing broadband speeds helps innovators develop new products and software, in turn driving demand for better broadband performance and encouraging companies to invest more in their own networks. This cycle of innovation has driven private companies to invest $250 billion in broadband infrastructure over the past three years alone.


    • Hugh Forrest, SXSW Interactive Director ? Mr. Forrest explained how SXSW Interactive, which showcases today?s innovators, grew from the smallest part of the broader SXSW festival to the largest. ?In 2006, 5,000 people attended SXSW Interactive; in 2013, there were 30,000. ?Mr. Forrest noted that increasing attendance has closely mirrored the expansion of broadband and the growth of tools like social media to reach new audiences.


    • whurley, Chaotic Moon Studios Co-Founder ? Offering his insight as an app developer, whurley discussed how broadband technology helps his company thrive and do business in any geographic location. ?whurley said that broadband allows him and his employees to transfer massive amounts of data, code, and products to each other and clients around the world.


    • Lisa Stone, BlogHer.com CEO and Co-Founder ? Ms. Stone talked about how her company brings together bloggers that focus on women?s lives. BlogHer has added about $100 million to the American economy over the past ten years. While addressing the audience, she emphasized that broadband connectivity is essential to generating robust economic growth for everyone across the country.


    • Bret Swanson, Entropy Economics President ? Mr. Swanson presented his recently released paper on dynamic competition and highlighted the connection between broadband investment and innovation. He pointed out that private companies have invested more than $1 trillion over the past 15 years, leading to competition among fiber, satellite, cable, wireless and DSL broadband services.


There is no better testimony to the power of broadband than the entrepreneurs who use it on a daily basis.