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Erik Eliason and Tristan Pollock


Pop-up shops are one of the newer, cooler trends in the retail industry. Storefront (@Storefront), based in San Francisco, makes the concept accessible and user-friendly for anyone who wants a short-term selling space of their own. The brand?s mission is to make it as easy to open an offline store as it is to open one online.

Storefront is essentially a marketplace for short-term retail space, and bills itself as the easiest way to open a pop-up shop. It also streamlines the short-term lease process for brokers, shopping centers or anyone with space they want to lease. The site?s process is simple: start by searching the site?s detailed descriptions (which include nearby attractions) for available, exclusive space. Then all you have to do is set up your timeline, which is totally flexible and customizable, and complete the site?s streamlined legal process.

Storefront has simplified the daunting from-a-distance process of opening a pop-up shop, thanks to their innovative use of high-speed broadband Internet. The company?s parallel goals of connecting retailers and their communities; fostering and growing the economy; and helping shoppers discover unique, local and authentic products are all achieved thanks to broadband.