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1/18/13 - Working Late, Center City, Philadelphia

Shenandoah Studio, based in Philadelphia, PA creates war strategy games for touch screen devices like iPads. Their first game released in December 2012 was a turn-based simulation of the WWII Battle of the Bulge. The game allows players to play against the computer, other players via broadband connections or against friends on the same device with a pass-and-play style. The game has received glowing reviews and the company will be releasing another WWII game based on Germany?s campaign to capture Moscow and a similarly styled game titled, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns.

Typical video games have been around for decades; however, Shenandoah Studio is bringing the style of more conventional board games to the digital medium. Battle of the Bulge costs $10 on the Apple Store, while most physical board games generally start at $30. Not only are digital games cheaper, but also they require almost no setup or cleanup, are easily saved and stored and can be played by people not in the same location. Companies like Shenandoah Studio are making games more accessible and bringing a different structure to the video game industry.

Broadband Internet has changed the way people engage with video games. Instead of buying CDs at the store, people can play free online games, download games to a device or video game console and play these games online with people around the world. High-speed connections and online marketplaces have standardized the process of buying and playing video games online, making it easier than ever to participate in the gaming community.