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Emma Peterson

Tikly 3

  • Location: Des Moines, IA
  • Company: Tikly
  • Twitter: @Tikly

The Des Moines, Iowa based startup Tikly (@Tikly) is an online ticketing platform that offers lower service fees and opens new revenue streams for bands and venues by putting ticket sales back in the hands of the talent and event organizers.

The online ticketing industry has become synonymous with large hidden fees that can often discourage people from attending concerts and reduces profits for both the venues and the artists. Tikly solves these issues by simplifying the ticketing process and instituting an upfront standard fee structure of 10 percent of the ticket price, up to $7.50 maximum. Additionally, Tikly allows artists to sell tickets directly to their fans, cutting out the middleman and cutting down costs.

The advent of the Internet transformed the ticket sales industry. No longer did people have to order tickets over the phone with enough time to have them delivered by mail or enough time to wait in line at the onsite will call. Now, Tikly is taking the ticketing evolution one step further by ending hidden fees and making the ticket buying/selling experience so much better for bands, fans, and venues.