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After Emily Best completed her first feature film in 2011, she decided she wanted to help others achieve their filmmaking goals. In early 2012, she founded Seed&Spark is the world?s first crowd-funding and digital distribution platform solely for independent films. The challenges Emily ran into while making her film, ?Like the Water? led her to realize that the filmmaking community needed a platform where people could come together to find, share and watch great films.

Filmmakers can launch crowdfunding projects in the “Studio” by building a WishList, a wedding registry-style tool that allows audiences to buy or loan specific items to their project. Audiences can browse a list of projects currently needing support, or watch completed “Fair Trade Films” in the “Cinema” – knowing the creators keep the lion’s share of the revenue.

Seed&Spark crowdfunded their own site to expand the site’s suite of tools helping independent filmmakers reach and build wider audiences. High-speed Internet connections have allowed for wider participation in projects like Seed&Spark, making independent films more accessible than ever before. Without broadband Internet connections it would take more time to upload and download films than it would to watch them. Just like Seed&Spark, broadband has changed the way we find, share and watch films.