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BackUp That?s one of a kind Attachment Viewer makes it simple to access documents and photos in emails. The unprecedented Viewer lets users see all attachments in an inbox?or from multiple inboxes linked together?in one convenient location on BackUp That?s site (attachments remain in mailboxes too). The Viewer, like a trusted assistant, finds and organizes attachments?freeing users from taking valuable time digging through email inboxes searching for long lost items. Once located, attachments can easily be edited and sent back out. The service also lets users backup documents and other files to both local devices and email. And by allowing multiple email accounts to link together, BackUp That provides unlimited storage. Syncing with personal email gives users security and enables retrieval of documents anytime, anywhere in the world. Clutter is avoided since files saved to email are stored in a folder separate from the inbox. One- click Sync keeps everything current, updating any changed files, and Version Control keeps different drafts of work always obtainable. To ensure users are always connected with their files, the San Mateo, CA-based company will soon be adding mobile and desktop apps, along with Sharing capabilities.

Cloud technology is clearly useful, but can?t be used in every country. BackUp That recognizes the dependence on effortless access to files online and provides a straightforward way to organize and store information. ?At BackUp That, we?re passionate about the internet?s limitless functionality,? says company CEO, Eli Nir. ?We aim to make life more manageable. While we?re at it, we?re changing the way people use cloud storage.?