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Wanelo FINAL

San Francisco-based Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is an online community for all of the world?s shopping. It allows users to follow stores, products and people in one social platform.

The company is democratizing and transforming the world?s commerce by reorganizing shopping around people versus traditional methods of advertising and marketing. It?s the only online community 100% focused on products that are posted by users and purchasable.

The Wanelo experience is designed for endless exploration by presenting users with highly visual grid of products that goes on and on.

Because of high-speed Internet connections, Wanelo helps users discover the most interesting products online. Users can save or post any product online; follow stores, products, people and other collections they love through a personalized feed; and view what?s trending in the community. For sellers regardless of size, Wanelo is a way to build a meaningful community around their brand, where Wanelo captures purchase intent better than any other social platform and products organically find their best target buyers.

Wanelo is empowering users to own their shopping experience in the same way Twitter gives users the power to organize information online, and with widespread broadband internet adoption, Wanelo is growing a stadium’s worth of new users a day and the new best way to shop online.