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Expensify FINAL

Expensify (@expensify) was founded in May 2008 in San Francisco by David Barrett and has been revolutionizing the way companies create expense reports ever since. At its core, Expensify?s goal is to streamline the expense report process. This means changing the way expenses are recorded, reported, and reimbursed.

The company has updated the expense report process by using broadband technologies and making each step available via their smartphone app. Receipts can be submitted via photo, email, or a Google Chrome extension, and Expensify will complete the report with all the necessary information. These reports can easily be sent to anyone or exported to a PDF. Expensify also has the ability to track mileage and billed hours for clients. Through Expensify?s analytics, charts are created to help companies visualize and track their spending. After all expense information is collected, Expensify users can easily reimburse expenses or create invoices at any time, regardless of payroll schedules.

Expensify has transformed and modernized the way that expense reports and invoices are created today. Using broadband internet, it has turned an arduous process into a few easy steps that can actually clarify a company?s expenditures to better evaluate its finances.