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Teens in Tech Labs FINAL

Based in Silicon Valley, Teens in Tech Labs (@teensintech) provides tools and resources for young entrepreneurs globally. The company was founded on the premise that entrepreneurship doesn’t happen after a certain age, or only in one place. It happens worldwide and can be sparked early.

Teens in Tech Labs is helping usher in future innovation by incubating young entrepreneurs to help hone their skills at building successful, scalable business models. Giving young people early experience in starting companies will improve their chances in making future ventures successful. The more practice they get, the better they will be able to start and run businesses that will develop the next great technologies.

Today?s innovators are getting younger and younger as each generation of computer and Internet literate entrepreneurs rises, and it?s all made possible by the interconnections of Internet networks. And now, Teens in Tech Labs is working to harness that entrepreneurial spirit by helping future innovators get off to the right start through their incubator and conference.