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If you?ve ever tried to plan any kind of event, you know exactly how many details are involved and how many things can go wrong. Dan Berger founded Washington, DC-based Social Tables (@socialtables) as a hospitality technology company that can solve all your planning woes.

The user-friendly cloud-based product suite has options for hospitality groups, event planners and catering companies. Solutions that help get your party or meeting started include 2-D room diagram creation, 3-D event rendering, attendee management, ?the world’s most powerful seating chart software? and guest check-in. The company hopes that by making all of these very complicated processes more efficient and without hundreds of emails, spreadsheets and sticky notes, you?ll be able to make decisions quicker and concentrate on execution instead of planning.

Social Tables has harnessed the power of cloud technology, powered by high-speed internet, to give meeting and event planners the tools they need to make everything run more efficiently. Before the Internet, seating charts were written by hand (usually over and over) and event customers would have to try to visualize in their head what their table set-up would look like. Now, all of this information can be stored in the cloud.