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Creative Chatter (@creativechatter) connects nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, and government agencies to resources in their communities. The web-based software application, whose team is based in Charleston, SC, makes it simple for the public to donate goods and services by geographically matching the resource to the need.

The site operates out of a belief that everyone has something to help someone, whether goods or skills. An organization simply posts specific needs of clients they are serving (all non-monetary), individuals post resources they have available, and Creative Chatter makes the match. Creative Chatter calls this ?crowd resourcing,? and hopes that it saves organizations that have needs, as well as those who can fill those needs, time and effort.

Through high-speed broadband networks, Creative Chatter is able to bridge the distance among neighbors, building participation in communities at the local level. Creative Chatter?s web-based application has enabled more connections between those who need help and the resources and assistance of others. This online community inspires and enables resourceful solutions to the problems that ail our communities large and small.